Info for New Artists

We engage artists on a gig-by-gig basis, allowing you the freedom to accept other work whenever you choose.

All artists are required to submit the following materials to successfully apply.

Requisite Artist Materials

1.       A brief biography as a word doc;

2.       A sample repertoire (if applicable for your act) as a word doc;

3.       At least 1 x digital photograph (JPEG) of a professional standard;

4.       At least 1 x MP3 sound file;

5.       At least 1 x MPEG video file;

6.       An outline of your requisite fees

If you are of a professional standard, interested in securing work with Allegro, and have all of the requisite materials (as outlined above), please submit your application and accompanying materials to us via email at or post.

We regularly review information on new artists. If we can help you, we will contact you. Due to the extremely high volume of materials received we are not always able to contact everyone who sends in their materials.

If your application is successful you will be added to our Artist Bank on an as-needed basis.