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Son Tres is a group of musicians who perform SON - an upbeat style of Latin music. The Cuban son is one of the most influential and widespread forms of Latin American music: its derivatives and fusions, especially salsa, have spread across the world and have been made popular in recent years by the "Buena Vista Social Club".

The core of Son Tres is made up of two guitars, trumpet and latin percussion. Keko, a versatile guitarist and singer, leads this band, with the aid of Sergio Fredes on second voice harmony while holding the groove on bass, and Lazaro Numa, an incredible Cuban trumpet player and singer. These musicians are all complemented by a solid Latin rhythm backbone on percussion (bongos, conga drums & cow bell).

Son Tres can also expand into a quintet or sextet, incorporating instruments such as the tres guitar and timbales. This combination creates an experience of rich sounds and blazing harmonies mixed with a powerful percussive rhythm.

Son Tres can cater for any event, big or small. The music ranges from romantic to upbeat salsa, making this versatile band the perfect choice for your event, whether it be restaurant and bar gigs, private corporate events, weddings, birthdays and festivals.


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