Here are some questions we're often asked regarding entertainment. We hope you find these answers useful. Please, however, don't hesitate to contact us if you still have any questions or require any additional information.

Can I see the band perform live?

Most of Allegro’s bands perform exclusively at corporate and high-end private events as opposed to public gigs in bars and/or pubs. As a result, bands do not have public viewing nights. If the band does take up a residency in a bar and/or pub, they are likely to cancel the resident performance if offered a corporate or private event. Going to see the band, therefore, does not provide you with an accurate indication of the band’s line-up and/or performance standard. We have biographies, photos, sound files and video footage (where possible) on the website to avoid the problems involved with trying to view the band live.

How long is the band’s performance period?
Allegro’s bands perform a 30-45 minute set each hour. The band takes 15-minute breaks between sets, with a larger break during meal service. The band does its best to ensure that the breaks coincide with speeches and other formal proceedings. The performance period does not include the time it takes the band to arrive and set up. This is always completed prior to the commencement of the performance period.

What does bump-in and bump-out mean, and is it included in the fee?
“Bump-in” refers to the band bumping in/loading in its equipment. “Bump-out” refers to the band bumping out/unpacking its equipment. This process tends to take up to an hour. Within the fee provided, the band will commence its bump-in one hour prior to the performance period and bump out immediately post-performance. If either an earlier bump-in or later bump-out is required, an additional fee of $50 per musician per hour will be applied.

Does the band provide music during its breaks?
All of Allegro’s bands provide music, which they play through their PA system, during their breaks. This ensures, from the guests’ perspective, that the sound is seamless.

What is “production”, and will the band provide it?
“Production” refers to full sound production including audio visual requirements. Allegro’s bands can all provide full sound production for a wedding that has up to 200 guests. Beyond this size, production will need to be quoted separately as the band’s system won’t necessarily provide suitable amplification.

Does the band require power?
Yes. The band requires access to regular power (one standard 10amp GPO). The band will supply the necessary power boards and extension leads.

Can the band play an extra set at the end of the night?
This is often not possible because the band has already been performing for a considerable amount of time and/or some or all of the musicians may have prior commitments. However, if you feel that there may be the possibility to extend beyond the performance time agreed to, please let us know when you book and we can advise the artist/s that they may be asked to stay on.

What are Allegro’s payment terms?
Allegro requires full payment at the time of booking in order for a client to secure a band. Upon receipt of payment, Allegro then contractually engages the band. It is not until this point that Allegro can guarantee a band’s availability.

Do we need to provide the band with meals?
Yes. Allegro’s bands all require meals and non-alcoholic refreshments for performance times of four hours or more. Most venues and caterers are able to provide “band/crew meals” for the artists at a heavily discounted rate.

Will the band perform particular song requests?
The band’s repertoire as listed on Allegro’s website provides a good indication of the style and extent of their full set list. Please check with Allegro if there are particular songs you’d like to hear that aren’t listed on a band’s repertoire, and we can determine whether or not they know them. Each of Allegro’s bands is happy to learn one new song for your special day.

Can I dictate the band’s set list?
No. Our bands are all extremely talented and experienced musicians. They read the room and perform appropriate repertoire accordingly. If you really would like to dictate the repertoire throughout the night, we would recommend you engage a DJ.

Can we use the band’s microphone for speeches etc?
Yes. The band is more than happy to share its mic with you on the night for speeches and announcements. Depending on the band you’ve selected the microphone may or may not be cordless. The band will, however, need to take their mic with them when they leave.

Do artists require a travel fee?
Yes. Each artist requires a travel fee of $100 for the first hour and $50 for every hour thereafter for events outside of their state/territory capital.

How do I proceed with my booking?
Just let us know when you’ve decided which band you would like to book and we will email you a booking confirmation, along with an invoice. The email will link you to our terms and conditions, which you will be required to accept electronically. Once payment has been received, we will send you out a tax receipt and officially book/contract the band in.